by Hugo van der Sanden at 14:28 12/11/10 (Blogs::Hugo)
The joy of telcos
hv> I need phone provision in the new flat I'm moving into; I understand you can do that in 5 working days?

BT> it's a working line takeover, that'll take 11 working days. We can do it on 29th November.

hv> a what?

BT> that means it's currently under the control of another provider.


hv> BT tells me it's under the control of another provider. Is it you?

TalkTalk> Good news, nobody controls that line right now - we can do it on 8th December.

hv> Eh? But BT said 29th November.

TalkTalk> Ah, that's because we all use the same pool of engineers.


WTF? Can somebody explain what's going on here? And why BT thinks somebody else controls it, but TalkTalk reckon not?


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