Re: Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project first results
by Peter Dunn at 10:53 01/08/10 (Blogs::Simon)
Hello Simon,
I live in North Newnton near Pewsey,I am an archaeological reconstruction artist formerly 20+ years with EH(Stonehenge guide recons etc). I have been working on recons of Stonehenge and Durrington with Prof Mike Parker Pearson and through this have made some observations on the Lunar alignment SE to NW and early settings at Stonehenge and a new setting of Bluestones, these have been included in the new stages(phases) at Stonehenge. Since then I have made some further observations connected to these original finds and would really like to talk to someone with knowledge of archaeoastonomy, Mike Pitts is keen to do an article on this. Would you like to take a look.
tel 01980 63156
Best Wishes,
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