Do not shine into remaining eye
by Bruce Ure at 12:05 20/07/10 (Blogs::Bruce)
It's a measure of how far laser technology's come in the last few years that you can now buy a ONE WATT blue (445nm) portable laser for under 200 bucks*.
As the text on the site says, "Warning: Extremely dangerous is an understatement to 1W of laser power. At close range, this Class 4 beam will cause immediate and irreversable retinal damage. Use with extreme caution and use only when wearing proper safety goggles with an O.D. of 3+ is required and 4.4+ for longer exposures. Customers will be required to completely read and agree to our Class 4 Laser Hazard Acknowledgment Form."


* They've recently gone up to $299, but hey.

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