Re: Working boot_delay
by Hugo van der Sanden at 16:51 18/01/10 (Blogs::Hugo)
This is still all in an attempt to determine what's going wrong with the timings across the two cores yes?

No, this is trying to upgrade the software to a) learn a bit about what's going on, and b) improve my graphics support to the point I can try out the game Wurm and get more than 0.4 fps.

The intent is to build an up-to-date kernel, and then X, and then see where I can go from there. I had thought the kernel would be the easy bit though.

I suppose you've tried booting from a LiveCD of the kernel version you're trying to end up at and checked the original problem doesn't still exist at that release?

No, I don't have any such useful CDs - I probably ought to find myself one. In any case, I'm pretty sure though that the CPU speed is a hardware or firmware issue.


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