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TACK>>HEAD are back
by Gordon Hundley at 04:03 09/07/04 (Blogs::Gordon)
Legendary eclectic innovators Tackhead have reformed and are going to record and tour.
"It's election year in America and we got to get rid of George W. Bush." says Wimbish. Expect hard alternative industrial style and a no-holds-barred political message.
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TACK>>HEAD are back Gordon Hundley - 04:03 09/07/04
Re: TACK>>HEAD are back Dominic Search - 22:09 15/07/04
Hi Gordon... Just found your blog :) I picked up news of Tackhead last Nov, but am *still* waiting for UK tour dates... are you near one of their US venues? Last time I saw them was at the Town & Country Club at the end of the 1980's... very excellent!


Re: TACK>>HEAD are back David Crowson - 12:48 16/07/04
I'm off to see Simple Minds play the Guilfest tomorrow (if I can get a ticket), haven't seen them since 86...didn't you used to know the bass player or something ?

It's the Damned, The Stranglers and Blondie tonite :):)


Re: TACK>>HEAD are back David Crowson - 14:38 16/07/04
PS anyone wanna come ?
Guildfest, and more Simon - 17:08 16/07/04
Can't make Guidford, sorry, but have a funky time :)

While I've got you, Dave, have you got a spare firewire enclosure suitable for bunging a 3.5" IDE drive into?


Re: Guildfest, and more Bruce Ure - 17:53 16/07/04

I've got one you can borrow of an evening, type thing, but I need it more or less constantly so I couldn't leave it with you.


Firewire enclosure Simon - 18:18 16/07/04
Ta for the offer, but I'd probably need it longer than an evening as I want to back up my Powerbook G3, install OSX on it and leave myself the option of reverting.

Be handy to know if they work with my stuff though, so maybe when you come over with the 'pod we can give it a go?

Re: Firewire enclosure David Crowson - 21:40 16/07/04
I can lend you one, my spare sci-fi disk is not online atm, so as long as I could have the enclosure back when you finished you're welcome...
Re: Firewire enclosure Simon - 10:25 17/07/04
Brill - thanks mate.
Re: Guildfest, and more David Crowson - 21:38 16/07/04
erm, no, i need a couple myself....so if you find any.....