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Exercise (book)
by Hugo van der Sanden at 21:48 07/02/08 (Blogs::Hugo)

As written.

EX'ERCISE is essential to the healthy performance of the functions of both body and mind. Without it, the stomach acts feebly, the bowels become inactive, and the circulation of the blood languid and imperfect; the chest contracts, the respiration becomes impeded, the brain is insufficiently supplied with pure arterial blood, the mind grows lethargic, the complexion assumes a sickly and effeminate hue, and the features generally lack the energy and expression which they possess in perfect health.

With exercise, the bodily functions are performed with vigour and regularity, the constitution is thereby strengthened, and the attacks of disease repelled. By exercise the mind too is excited to healthy action, its gloomy reveries are dispelled, and the fair face of creation is presented to the mind's eye in its proper hues. It robs undue mental exertion of half its injurious effects upon the body, whilst it stimulates and directs it in its proper course. It improves the temper, and humanises the character. The disposition is refined, the passions restrained, violent emotions checked, the habits improved, and the personal charms promoted under the stimulus of judicious exercise.

    A Cyclopędia of Practical Receipts, and collateral information (6th ed., 1880), Arnold Cooley.

Couldn't have put it better myself.


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Exercise (book) Hugo van der Sanden - 21:48 07/02/08
Re: Exercise (book) Bruce Ure - 10:05 08/02/08
Simon, I think someone's hacked Hugo's account.

Or have you discovered the joys of exercise these days, Hugo?


Re: Exercise (book) Hugo van der Sanden - 12:01 08/02/08
Noesis trumps entelechy in my book.


Re: Exercise (book) Simon - 12:27 08/02/08

Electricity for Fangorn?

Re: Exercise (book) Hugo van der Sanden - 15:21 08/02/08
It used to be, now it's just eccentricity.


Re: Exercise (book) Bruce Ure - 12:31 08/02/08
I put it to you that you copied out that entire piece on exercise purely so that you could use that sentence when came the inevitable challenge.


Re: contumelious calumny Hugo van der Sanden - 13:19 08/02/08
I couldn't possibly comment.


- Deleted User Account - 01:06 09/02/08