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by Simon at 18:54 26/07/07 (Blogs::Simon)
So, my MGF's in the garage to have a new engine bay cooling fan switch installed (12 + labour) 'cos the fan's running the whole time and I heard from the garage this afternoon that:

"Yes, you could come and pick it up but...

... some bugger's reversed into it and driven off"

So it's going to have to stay in dock for a few more days while a new indicator light is sourced, fitted and the paintwork's redone.

What is it with people?

The garage owner's naturally furious - he's got a CCTV system but hasn't got around to connecting it up yet.


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Bollocks! Simon - 18:54 26/07/07
Re: Bollocks! Bruce Ure - 00:14 27/07/07

Presumably this is on his insurance not yours, at least.


Re: Bollocks! Simon - 08:44 27/07/07
Indeed - I think he was more annoyed than I am, in fact.
Re: Bollocks! Bruce Ure - 08:48 27/07/07
It could have been worse: when I first read the original I thought you said someone had reversed into your car and then driven off in it.


Re: Bollocks! Simon - 08:59 27/07/07
(!) That would be a novel approach :-)
Re: Bollocks! Hugo van der Sanden - 10:43 27/07/07
Criminals, you too can beat CCTV - just perform your crimes backwards!

Run (backwards) into bank with bag of money, brandishing gun; hand money over to terrified cashier, wave gun around, shout a bit, put gun away and walk out (backwards) - the perfect crime, and they can't touch you for it!


Re: Bollocks! Simon - 11:08 27/07/07

I spot a flaw in your cunning plan...

Re: Bollocks! David Crowson - 20:11 27/07/07
yeah, where's the upside.....



More Bollocks! Simon - 09:42 30/07/07
Picked the car up on Saturday - with its replaced nearside front indicator lens and re-spray on the front bumper - but noticed (while I was at the garage) that the damage was more extensive than was originally reported to me.

Looks like the impact was slow but sustained, because the entire "nose cone" of the F has been angled downwards leaving a half inch gap between it and the bonnet, gaps either side where it wraps around to meet the front quarter panels and the number plate is cracked.

It's going back later this week for a proper repair.

- Deleted User Account - 10:53 30/07/07
JPG image (1 K)
Re: More Bollocks! Simon - 11:17 30/07/07
Garage owner suspects delivery lorry - y'know the ones, those with the 'beep.. beep... beep.... I'm... not.... looking... behind.... me.... it's.... your.... fault.... if.... I..... hit..... you.....' device.