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The Age of Aquarius
by Simon at 13:24 03/07/07 (Blogs::Simon)


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The Age of Aquarius Simon - 13:24 03/07/07
Re: The Age of Aquarius Bruce Ure - 13:42 03/07/07
It's all so depressing.

Today I picked up The Times on my way to lunch and it told me 26 UK species are in imminent danger of extinction unless Something Is Done.

You can't open a paper without reading something similar.

It's all so depressing.


Re: The Age of Aquarius Simon - 14:13 03/07/07
We're at what will probably come to be recognised eventually as a "period boundary" similar to the Permian/Triassic or Cretaceous/Tertiary mass extinction events, with a die back of a goodly proportion of present species - some estimates put it at 50% of species in the next 100 years.

Sadly, Homo Idiota is unlikely to be included.