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scp, sftp, etc...
by Bruce Ure at 12:13 21/05/07 (Forum::Technical Advice::General)
To transfer over ten gigs of files from one remote linux server to another, I've just tried scp, and I get a stall somewhere in the middle.
I could keep running it until hopefully I eventually got a clean run without a stall but that seems a bit hit and miss.

So I'd like to tell scp to retry the file if it stalls (and maybe for 10 bonus points tell it to skip it if it fails after X tries), but I can't find how. It's not much use it just sitting there forever telling me it's stalled, yet there's apparently no way to tell it to continue.

Failing that I'd like to run scp again but tell it to not copy any files that already exist and are the same size, but I can't find how.

Failing that, I'd considered using sftp but it doesn't support recursing subdirectories.

I can't be the first person to want to do this. Anyone any ideas?


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scp, sftp, etc... Bruce Ure - 12:13 21/05/07
Re: scp, sftp, etc... Simon - 13:58 21/05/07
I'd use rsync.

$ export RSYNC_RSH=ssh (or do that in .bash_profile)

$ rsync -avz user@remote.domain.com:/path/to/directory .

rsync's manpage is pretty good.

Re: scp, sftp, etc... Bruce Ure - 14:19 21/05/07
D'Oh! Of course.

However rsync doesn't appear to be installed on this server :-/ (which I recall now is why I started trying to use scp and sftp!)

"find -name rsync" from / finds nothing.

It's Fedora Core 4, apparently... I'll see if I can find a suitable incarnation of rsync to use.