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Web hosts
by Simon Giles at 16:56 15/01/07 (Forum::Community::General)
Can anyone recommend a low cost, secure, web hosting company? Does it make any difference where/which country they are based?
Currently only have two domains (only one is actively used for my billycan website) to which I might be adding two in the near future.
Simon G
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Web hosts Simon Giles - 16:56 15/01/07
Re: Web hosts Quinn Fissler - 17:04 15/01/07
Rob Larsen of this parish migth be able to help - he's mega busy so his business partner Andrew is a good start.

What do you mean by secure?

You mean the standard controls on physical access and standard methods on unix?

I'm told that ISPs in Israel are some of the most secure and best value for large scale systems.

I've been working at [deleted upon request] :^).


Re: Web hosts Simon Giles - 19:26 15/01/07
Thanks for that.

Yes, physically secure location of ISP webhost servers, and standard controls on access. This is small scale stuff with a touch of paranoia!
I don't use unix - being a (usually 3D) designer not a programmer...


Re: Web hosts Bruce Ure - 17:10 15/01/07
Er... why not try and find out where the problem is first?

I thought I gave you "low cost, secure web hosting", not to mention shedloads of support as well... Is my service (which you get at cost, with no charge at all for support) that bad?

In your text you mentioned email -- remind me of your config (SMTP and POP3 servers) and describe the symptoms a bit and maybe we can see where the problem is. I have had no mail routing problems today. If you use 1and1 for your POP3 or SMTP it's possible there are problems there, but as I don't, I don't know.

If you do (use 1and1 for POP3 and SMTP), why not consider using your ISP's POP3 and SMTP servers instead? (I.e. the ones that your ADSL provider gives you).


Re: Web hosts Bruce Ure - 17:24 15/01/07
Checking, it seems I currently manage 4 domains for you, not 2. There are two starting 'sl' which you've forgotten about :)


Re: Web hosts Simon Giles - 18:28 15/01/07
Nothing personal on your service Mr! :-) Wanted to field possible alternatives, as that website redesign job I've lined up might involve organising new hosting arrangements for them. (Thought it would be good for me to go through the process, and at the same time, revise my own web arrangements) Ah, two more domains? - that must be Slumbernumbers .org.uk & .co.uk I take it?
Re: Web hosts Bruce Ure - 18:35 15/01/07
I could give you hosting for them, with your own graphical control panel, with which you can set up accounts for *them* to access their own stuff, including web access, ftp, mailboxes, yada yada. It's very comprehensive, and all pointy-clicky. Hugo would hate it.

On the other hand, I am going to move my whole colocation / hosting arrangement to Merula in the next few months, so not having you or your customers to think about would make life marginally easier.