It's All Over, It is Now
by David Crowson at 10:29 03/07/06 (Blogs::Dave)
So having been ousted from the World Cup, my evening thoughts now drift back to other forms of entertainment..

The Tolwood festival has been on for a week, with another week to go.
Not much going on there except perhaps
Kettcar (a rather good modern post punk German band playing tonight)
and Ian Anderson plays The Orchestral Jethro Tull & Other Music Featuring: Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt, which might be worth tooling along to for a giggle.....

Other dates for expected nights-out:
22nd July Kaltenburger Knights Tournament
29th July David Gilmour at Konigsplatz
22nd August
Massive Attack at the Zentih
26th/27th August
I'm def going to the Chiemsee Reggae Festival as Burning Spear and Lee Scratch Perry will be playing....

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