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Duck Everyone
by David Crowson at 08:45 03/07/06 (Blogs::Dave)
Phew, that was a close one.....


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Duck Everyone David Crowson - 08:45 03/07/06
Re: Duck Everyone Hugo van der Sanden - 11:59 03/07/06
Hmm, an article apparently aiming for scientific accuracy, but the only size we're given is "mountain-sized".

Luckily their "from other news sites" side column included the Daily Mail's "up to half a mile wide".

And the BBC also link to a previous story of their own, usefully called "Mountain-sized rock passes Earth" - and, hey, that asteroid wasn't the same size as this one.


Re: Duck Everyone David Crowson - 13:26 03/07/06
just think yourself lucky that you're/we're still here to argue about relative sizes , which we wouldn't be if it did hit :)

It's BIG OK ;-p


- Deleted User Account - 14:19 03/07/06
Re: Duck Everyone David Crowson - 15:11 03/07/06
Chin-up old fruit, it can't be that bad.....


- Deleted User Account - 15:33 03/07/06
Re: Duck Everyone David Crowson - 15:46 03/07/06
fruit pie ?

Post Edit: Oh yeah, apple...doh!

- Deleted User Account - 15:55 03/07/06