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Linux for Human Beings ?
by David Crowson at 15:30 01/06/06 (Blogs::Dave)
Unbuntu , latest version released today...
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Linux for Human Beings ? David Crowson - 15:30 01/06/06
Re: Linux for Human Beings ? Bruce Ure - 15:43 01/06/06
Blimey guv, that looks good. Has the usable Linux desktop finally arrived?

> With a strong focus on a desktop that Just Works ...

Arf! Where have I heard /that/ dubious tagline before?

It's got to be worth a fiddle though.


Re: Linux for Human Beings ? Gordon Hundley - 18:14 01/06/06
Ubuntu is a really good Linux distro, and people are moving to it it droves. It helps that its built on top of a Debian core, so it uses apt/dpkg rather than the more ugly yum/rpm packaging. That means that you can upgade any Debian into a current Ubuntu just by setting the mirror and using apt-get.

I've been using Dapper Drake in beta (the current version) on my home PC for a while, and I have an older (Breezy Badger) version on a partition of my TiBook. I've been waiting for the LTS release to start building servers for work using it. I'll start grabbing he CDs and DVDs using bittorrent.

BTW, if you don't have the bandwidth to pull ISO images, use ShipIt on their site and they'll send you free CDs.


Re: Linux for Human Beings ? Bruce Ure - 20:42 01/06/06
Well it is certainly the most polished linux system I've looked at so far, not that that's many, but clearly things are moving very fast. I created a boot CD and bosh... there it is.

Slight snag... Why, I wonder, can I ping google.co.uk and apple.com from a terminal session (proving that my dhcp-allocated dns is working) but when entered in firefox it times out?

If I feed in the ip addresses that the names resolve to instead, it's fine (except for community.novacaster.com, which tells me to contact the webmaster of the specific domain I was trying to contact ;-)

I would have thought that if a terminal session can get the address, so could firefox.

I've made sure direct connection is selected in FF, ie. no proxy or anything.



Re: Linux for Human Beings ? Simon - 09:13 02/06/06
Multiple webservers on one IP is called virtual hosting, and that's how we do it.

By entering the IP for community without supplying a 'Host: community.novacaster.com' HTTP header, you're not giving the webserver enough info to work out which vhost you're after, so we serve out a default page.

As for the Firefox problem - what's the contents of your /etc/resolv.conf?

Re: Linux for Human Beings ? Bruce Ure - 16:52 02/06/06
If community's the 'main' one why not default to that? From a marketing pov I mean. Although I suppose the number of idiots (eg. me) who put the ip in are few.

I've been trying to find a chance to load ubuntu again but not, yet... don't want you to think I'm ignoring you :-)


Re: Linux for Human Beings ? Simon - 17:19 02/06/06
Having a live site as the default server can make certain other things trickier, hence the minimalist approach.


Re: Linux for Human Beings ? Gordon Hundley - 06:07 03/06/06
echo "alias net-pf-10 off" >>/etc/modprobe.conf ; reboot


Re: Linux for Human Beings ? Bruce Ure - 14:10 06/06/06
Gordon you are a nutter genius.

Sorry, an utter genius.

What the feck does that do then?

Ah, turns off IPV6. Troublesome little fucker isn't it, that IPV6.


Re: Linux for Human Beings ? Gordon Hundley - 18:08 06/06/06
Its becoming that way on modern Linux systems, for "the rest of us" who dont have (or don't want to use) IPv6 networks at the moment. I suspect that a lot of the folks who work on the network code do have IPv6 routing (or are using tunnel brokers) and don't appreciate what troubles that enabling all the IPv6 services causes on IPv4-only networks. Bloody geek developers. The Ubuntu folks should know better though.


- Deleted User Account - 12:40 28/06/06
Re: Linux for Human Beings ? Hugo van der Sanden - 01:53 02/06/06
Yebbut, do they support Luddites like me as well, that want to keep their old tried and trusted window manager, and don't want a screen full of flash?

I should note that the *only* thing my window manager knows how to launch is an xterm. And the only thing it puts on the screen is the mini 4x4 virtual screen. Below is a (half-size) example of an otherwise empty virtual window.

Hugo, in the mood to say "Harrumph" a lot, and launch some xterms.

JPG image (6 K) Hugo's screen
Re: Linux for Human Beings ? Gordon Hundley - 05:58 03/06/06
Copy your .xinitrc file over. Sorted. Will they support this? If you're planning to pay them for support, they surely will. Most IT companies would be happy to have such undemanding customers as you Hugo. :)