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Welcome to America
by Hugo van der Sanden at 20:51 20/03/06 (Blogs::Hugo)

Nothing rhymes with orange ...

A poem without "orange" as a rhyme is not nice --
it's a bustling bazaar in Jodhpur, with no spice.
It's a Friday night bar in Georgetown, without ice,
It is Deborah Kerr 'n John Wayne -- Yul look twice!
Tiger Woods chipping far and just missing -- no dice!
Yankees blurting "Au revoir" in Japan, East/West splice!
Or a Volkswagen car engine smoking -- ach, Scheiß!
A poem without "orange" as a rhyme is not nice.

Writing in "Le Ton beau de Marot", this is apparently the response by Douglas Hofstadter to Tom Lehrer's attempt at a rhyme for the famously rhyme-free orange: "Eating an orange while making love / Makes for bizarre enj-oyment thereof".

Found following a cross-reference from a musing about "co-range" during an ongoing flamewar on the definition of relation (mathematical).


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