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Scale of chilli hotness
by Bruce Ure at 10:42 15/09/05 (Blogs::Bruce)
Hey Simon, do you know about the Scoville Scale?
Fantastic! Had to have been done, thinking about it, but I'd not considered it or heard of the actual solution before.

Note the strength of "police-grade pepper spray". Ouch.

Why don't you try growing some 'Red Savina habanero'? :)


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Scale of chilli hotness Bruce Ure - 10:42 15/09/05
- Deleted User Account - 11:01 15/09/05
Re: Scale of chilli hotness Simon - 11:06 15/09/05
Essentially, you're asking for something 10 times as hot as the last chilli then (cayenne based, largely)

Eye-wateringly hot eh? I'll see what can be arranged....

Re: Scale of chilli hotness Bruce Ure - 11:14 15/09/05
You know me, I'm a man of extremes :-)

More for curiosity than anything... I'm not at all sure I could actually /eat/ something that hot. I'd give it a go, though.


Re: Scale of chilli hotness Julian Freeman - 11:46 16/09/05
Try this one which is supposed to be very hot. -- Julian
Re: Scale of chilli hotness Simon - 11:56 16/09/05
Hee hee - that's just lunacy :)