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The masters of art
by Bob Miller at 19:04 27/05/05 (Forum::Community::General)
Vanrijngo (Bob Miller) likes all masters of fine art and is a art researcher, half-assed artist, along with being a columnist for Boheme online magazine. Found this community from Unknown Masterpieces.
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The masters of art Bob Miller - 19:04 27/05/05
Re: The masters of art Bob Miller - 16:33 22/08/05
Are most people Right-wingers or left-wingers?... Who actually gives a shit who are and who aren't, which ones are actually right, correct, and flying in the right direction. A lot of things being said back and forth, but who is actually right? Maybe the ones who are left after ones succeed in blowing hell out of this earth can say they were? From some of what I read that is being said, sometimes one can't make heads or tails out of it. Just a lot of three, four, and five letter word being thrown back and forth at each other.

At least some people do communicate with one another and gets their points of view across. Most times,... whether either side be right or wrong, I think that is great to be able to discuss ideas and beliefs back and forth on blog sights. It makes it easy for others, when it can be understood what they have read, to be able to make up their own minds of what is being and what was said.

As for myself,... it's a completely different story, of where my own points of views of where I'm at in my own world of assumed by most being deceptive studies, have absolutly no comments to leave. My blogs and Diary is where I discuss all about lies and deceptions, most involving lies and deceptions in the world of art. Sometimes I believe these findings could even be larger than political and corporate corruption, or even possibly intertwined.

I feel personally what is involved, is a total crime against humanity, intellectual property, including personal property. I feel that there are powerful people in this world who are trying their damndest to make sure they remain in control, while trying to control computer usage. By saying this, I mean sensoring certain people for what can be and able right now of being said, while keeping secrets and protecting computer science and scanning capabilities which can bring to light actual truths.

After almost a year of around 3000 referrers a month, (Not clicks) coming to my blogs & diary to read my 64 archived entries, not one MFA comment, good or bad. You would think what most have typed into their search engines, the researcher they represent themselves as being, would have something to say,..one way or the other, wouldn't you?

Kind regards
Re: The masters of art Simon - 10:42 30/08/05
Perhaps the people who reach your site really don't feel they have anything to add in comment to your entries - perhaps they all agree with what you say.

What's your site's address?

Re: The masters of art Bob Miller - 17:12 30/08/05
I like your perhaps, but I know this is very unlikely due to its controvercial over tones. Can you just imagine in your wildest dreams Vincent van Gogh being on a deserted Island calling for everyone who will listen to him to come and join him? Who the hell would you think in that wildest dream would show up,... Gauguin? I don't think so.

Anyway, my site can be reach at vanrijngo.com , and by the way, a few years back, I did purchase a print of the previously unknown work which contains the widest range of themes of all known Picasso's and has been said to be signed, dated and fingerprinted by the artist.

In regards to your researching ancient mythology in its various forms, you just might want to read my article in Boheme magazine in my "Monthly Miller" column. You can get there by this address;


Kind regards