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Everyone needs a 'miscellaneous' section...
by Novacaster Administrator at 15:32 17/11/03 (Forum::Community::General)
Much of this site is access controlled so that you need to be a member of one or more particular groups of users to take part.

This area's different.

Here, registered users are allowed to discuss pretty much any topic they like.

Of course, any miscellaneous section of anything will tend to fill up with all the stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else so expect the occasional appearance and subsequent clearout of obvious rubbish, test messages and so on.
Novacaster Community Admin

Welcome, riz and athar >>
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Everyone needs a 'miscellaneous' section... Novacaster Administrator - 15:32 17/11/03
Re: Everyone needs a 'miscellaneous' section... Paul Wakeford - 02:21 23/12/04
Some points:

1. What is wrong with 2 char usernames?

2. The whole preview/post routine is really really tedious. I don't want to read a disclaimer every time, once would be more than enough.

3. Isn't the .sig standard '-- ', not just '--'?


Re: Everyone needs a 'miscellaneous' section... Simon - 09:25 23/12/04
1) Nothing wrong in principle with 2 char usernames, we just chose to require 3 chars minimum for user-self-created accounts.

2) The preview page is (currently) central to a number of operations - though this may change in the future. Is it the appearance of the disclaimer text itself, or the two-step process for posting a message that's annoying you most?

3) Yup, the UseNet/Email .sig standard is '-- '. However, this is not UseNet or Email :-)

Re: Everyone needs a 'miscellaneous' section... Gordon Joly - 16:35 21/12/06

In that case.... the Networking Club will be at the Royal Oak in Borough near London Bridge from about 19:30 on Friday 22nd December 2006, to celebrate the Solstice which in at 00:20 on Friday moring.

Gordon Joly