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Google Gmail
by David Crowson at 15:37 15/09/04 (Blogs::Dave)
Despite my initial reservations about gmail , here, I have to say I'm quite impresssed with the whole thing........

I can be found at


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Google Gmail David Crowson - 15:37 15/09/04
Re: Google Gmail Bruce Ure - 16:06 15/09/04
I'm still trying to work it all out. I'm at bruce.ure@gmail.com.


Re: Google Gmail Simon - 17:45 15/09/04
akhen3sir@ here
Re: Google Gmail Gordon Hundley - 20:27 15/09/04
Re: Google Gmail Bruce Ure - 09:58 16/09/04
Has anyone tried to change their 'from' address in the gmail settings? It seems to set 'reply-to' but 'from' is still '...@gmail.com'


Re: Google Gmail David Crowson - 13:15 16/09/04
No, but I have invited myself 6 times :)

Just wondering what other names to take

Currently I've got


and I'm going to add David.Crowson

and 3 more I've yet to think of.....

suggestions ?


Re: Google Gmail Bruce Ure - 13:21 16/09/04
Why, are they prestigious or something?

'bombholio' springs to mind FSR :-)


Re: Google Gmail David Crowson - 15:09 16/09/04
Not particularily,unless you swap them for something else


Re: Google Gmail Bruce Ure - 15:52 16/09/04
Good grief. Oodathort.

If you've still any spare would you mind inviting me? As bruce@ure.org.uk would be best. If/when I get any invites I'll give you one back. If you've no spare then no worries :-)


Re: Google Gmail David Crowson - 16:09 16/09/04
There you go......

don't worry about inviting me back I've got 4 left on Triumph.Tiger and obviously 6 new for each new address :)


Re: Google Gmail Bruce Ure - 16:20 16/09/04

Um, how come all your invites spawn six more invites?

I've not been offered to invite anyone (*sniff*) so it doesn't follow that all new accounts come with 6 invites...


Re: Google Gmail David Crowson - 16:28 16/09/04
It think it's function of the number of labels and conversations you are involved in, my invites didn't appear untill I'd used the account for a day or two....


Re: Google Gmail Nic Jackson - 17:00 16/09/04
I found this by accident, might be of some use to you all.

Various GMail Software

|| | |||||| |||||||||| || ||||

Re: Google Gmail David Crowson - 17:44 16/09/04
Ahh, Mr Jackson, I got a letter for you today from Bennetts......I think you'd better give them a ring....

and how's life etc, married yet ? :)

PS wanna gmail account ?


Re: Google Gmail Nic Jackson - 10:59 17/09/04

If im honest i dont quite know what ive been doing lately the time has just flown past. Could be the new job but they expect me to work bas@tar@s : )

Bennets, those morons, they renewed my insurance with out asking even though ive been insured with Carrol Nash for the last year. Will give them a call.

I tell you im sick of utillity companies, i got a debt collection letter from Brtish Gas for 1400 from 2000 - 2001. It took them 3 years to deteriming i owe this ammount from an account which was paid by direct debit monthly. Numerous calls, blah blah bla, British Gas said oh yes that doesnt look right we will sort it. 1 month later i get a letter from the Debt Collection Agency demading payment. I spoke to the Debt Collection Agency, etc etc, they said yes we spoke to british gas and british gas said "Yes it looks incorrect but collect the debt anyway". Can you believe that ?

Another leter and half a dozen phone calls later the situation is resolved, how much do i owe them NOTHING, in fact i am 65 in credit. They could have black listed me when i didnt even owe them a penny.

Im thinking about employing the Debt Collection Agency they used to chase them for my 65 :)

Anyway, what you up to tonight, if your still working in the City fancy a pint in Chiswick ?

|| | |||||| |||||||||| || ||||

Re: Google Gmail David Crowson - 11:36 17/09/04
:) I'm having the same problem with Southern Electric Gas, who didn't bother to read my meter for two years then gave me a bill for, strangely , 1400 ukp. Unfortunately I do owe them it ....

I'm off to pick up my new old car tonight, between 7 and 8 (taxi job, so might take a bit longer) but I'll pop up after that, if you're allowed out to play that is ;-p

I'm working in Kingston atm (will be finishing today at 3)

PS An address might be useful

Re: Google Gmail Bruce Ure - 13:52 25/05/12


Re: Google Gmail David Crowson - 04:24 26/05/12
Re: Google Gmail Bruce Ure - 08:42 28/05/12
Sorry, I meant "Gosh, hasn't a lot happened to Gmail since 2004" but I suppose you'd have been more likely to know that if I'd actually said it :)


Re: Google Gmail David Crowson - 16:04 28/05/12
As I suspected, carry on....