Wrens at Stonehenge
by Simon at 18:25 18/10/15 (Blogs::Simon)
Most people are aware of the existence of a piece of graffiti on the southern edge of Stone 52 at Stonehenge which reads "I WREN" and is reputed to be that of Christopher Wren.

While doing the stone check this morning, I happened to notice a second occurrence of the name "WREN", this time on the west face of Stone 23.

Here are photos of these graffiti for comparison.

Stone 52 graffito"I WREN" on Stone 52

Stone 23 graffito"WREN" on Stone 23

Perhaps he was a naughty boy twice.

JPG image (198 K) Stone 52 "I WREN" graffito
JPG image (189 K) Stone 23 "WREN" graffito
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