Egyptian Figurine
by John DelCampo at 21:24 05/09/14 (Forum::Community::General)
Can anybody translate, or transliterate, ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics?
I met Simon Banton at Stonehenge last summer, August 2013, and had a fascinating discussion with him concerning the ancient monument, archaeoastronomy, and Robin Heath. Attempts to reach him via email have gone without reply, however. So, I'm trying again via this blog. Considering his interest in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, and things Hermetic, I wonder if he'd like to take a crack at translating some hieroglyphs on an antique (wooden) Egyptian figurine? The figurine, a very beautiful female, 9 inches tall, standing erect with "best foot forward," was recently purchased from a reputable dealer in antiquities who represented it to be "probably 19th Century, Grand Tour." But the exceptional details, which include white inlay/dark-pupil eyes, fingernails and toe-nails, a plaited wig, and heavily patinated bronze uraeus, together with elongated features, suggest something, perhaps, far older. Ptolemaic, perhaps??? Furthermore, the base on which she stands is inscribed with fine hieroglyphs. I would dearly love to have them translated, or transliterated, and am able to furnish good photographs. -- Malbranche
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