Stonehenge Visitor Centre Sunrise - September 2013
by Simon at 07:58 08/09/13 (Blogs::Simon)
Back in 2009 I mocked up the position of the new Visitor Centre on a panorama to get an idea of what it'd look like, and estimated that sunrise on the alignment between the pods would fall on April and September 6th or thereabouts.

On April 2nd this year I went out and got some photos of it, and said I'd try again in September.

This morning (Sept 8) I was able to repeat the exercise - this time there's less scaffolding in the way.

Peeping above the ticket boxPeeping above the ticket box

Full OrbFull Orb

Full Orb closeupFull Orb closeup

By next April the new VC will be open so - hopefully - I'll be able to get a completely clean series of shots.

JPG image (73 K) Peeping above the ticket box
JPG image (43 K) Full orb
JPG image (64 K) Full Orb closeup
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