The Harestone of Avebury
by Simon at 23:34 05/05/12 (Blogs::Simon)
Pointed out to me by my neighbours Mark and Vanessa - spot the boxing hare (one of many hares, it seems) on this stone at the Cove, Avebury.

I can't find any record of carvings of hares on the Cove stones at Avebury - anyone know different?

The opposite face of this stone is also interesting, and seems to carry the image of a Sheela na gig.

Sheela na gigDiagonally oriented, head (missing) at the top right, vulva in the centre of the stone with squarish breasts to the above right

Appropriately, opposite this stone is one which seems to be a male figure.

Male figureStanding upright, arms by his sides, full height of stone, head missing, his left arm is the protruding section of the stone on the RHS.


JPG image (808 K) Boxing hare
PNG image (332 K) Sheela na gig
PNG image (386 K) Male figure opposite the Harestone
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