Stone 16 Spiral
by Simon at 21:11 12/10/11 (Blogs::Simon)
Since I originally posted this pic on Facebork (where it is nigh on impossible to search for things) I thought I'd better repost it here so I've got a chance of finding it back at a later date.

Photo was taken at 9.30am on 17th September 2011.

Spiral carving on Stone 16 at Stonehenge

Updated November 2012

I've been contacted by Angie Lake, who's been researching carvings on Stone 16 since 2006. She doesn't see a spiral here, but has detailed her own discoveries and thoughts over on the Megalithic Portal website.

This image on the Megalithic Portal website shows the features Angie has identified on each of Stone 16's faces.

Angie's profile on Megalithic Portal.


JPG image (272 K) Spiral carving on Stone 16
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