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I will be very surprised if
by Bruce Ure at 10:53 13/09/11 (Blogs::Bruce)
Google don't come up with a contact sync service in the not too distant future.
If I were Soocial or Plaxo I'd be quaking in my boots.


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I will be very surprised if Bruce Ure - 10:53 13/09/11
- Deleted User Account - 17:24 13/09/11
Re: I will be very surprised if Bruce Ure - 17:33 13/09/11
My iPhone syncs very nicely with both flavours of Google, but I'm talking mainly about multiple google accounts syncing with each other. At the moment this is the preserve of the likes of Plaxo and Soocial, but it can't be long before Google decide it's a worthwhile market.

Soocial, which is the best of said syncers IMHO, sucks big fat donkey balls, but it's still better than nothing.


- Deleted User Account - 19:45 13/09/11
- Deleted User Account - 19:48 13/09/11
Re: I will be very surprised if Bruce Ure - 22:27 13/09/11
Ok maybe it's the iPhone-ness of my handheld telecommunications appliance, but though I can sync two google accounts' contacts to my phone, the contacts live in their own address book thereon. They are presented as one, but when I (say) add a contact, I have to choose which address book to add it to, and it will only be uploaded to that google account.

To add a contact to both google accounts (without the use of Soocial), I basically have to do exactly that: add it twice.

The reason for wanting this, in case it seems insane, is that I sign in to different google accounts depending on what I'm doing, and I want all my contacts to appear in all my accounts. Soocial sort-of makes this possible but it only does a *pull* from google 4 times a day (ffs). It *pushes* updates made via other sources (including its own web interface) instantly, but that's only half a solution, and it's kind of the wrong half. If I update a contact on one of my gmail accounts, I want it to update the other one immediately, and the iphone and ipads too.

Jesus, I'm rambling.


#firstworldproblems :)