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iPhoto attempting to publish an album
by Hugo van der Sanden at 08:33 28/03/11 (Blogs::Hugo)
.. and failing with authentication error, on startup.

My mother is trying to use iPhoto, but when she starts it up it warns "An error occurred with the publication of album "29 Jan 2011". Authentication with server failed. Please check your login and password information.". Clicking <ok> (the only option available) then helpfully shows the same message again.

I suspect it relates to this Apple forums message - my niece and nephew were playing around with it for a few hours around that date, and I can well imagine they might have published a bunch of photos, and then sometime later changed their password.

I don't know whether the authentication warning is in a hard loop, or just repeating hundreds of times. But all the menu options are greyed out, so the application is unusable until we can get past this. And I won't have a chance to go fiddle with it myself until next weekend at the earliest.

Any clues for remote debugging, or just a chainsaw fix?


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iPhoto attempting to publish an album Hugo van der Sanden - 08:33 28/03/11
Re: iPhoto attempting to publish an album Bruce Ure - 11:09 28/03/11
iPhoto's quite resilient, IME. I'm not sure from your text whether they've tried restarting the machine? If they are just wary about damaging iPhoto I wouldn't be; just restart. If it refuses to restart, use Alt-Cmd-Esc and then Force Quit iPhoto then restart the machine.

Or have they considered changing their password back to what it was before?

If they would like me to do a remote session then that might be possible.


- Deleted User Account - 23:34 28/03/11
Re: iPhoto attempting to publish an album Bruce Ure - 23:51 28/03/11
Oi! You stirring up trouble, lad?


Re: iPhoto attempting to publish an album Simon - 11:40 28/03/11
How many times have you clicked the OK button before giving up?

Has your mother ever herself published any photos to anywhere (Facebook/Flickr etc)?

What happens if the Mac can't see the Internet and you launch iPhoto? (ie unplug the ethernet cable or turn off the Mac's Airport)

If you can get it to realise it shouldn't bother sending anything out to the 'net, then maybe it'll start up and you can delete any "Shared" Facebook/Flickr albums the kids might have created (they're listed near the bottom of the left hand panel in iPhoto).

Re: iPhoto attempting to publish an album Hugo van der Sanden - 21:19 29/03/11
Thanks all for the attempts to help.

Just had a session on the phone, wasn't able to resolve it yet - I think it'll have to wait until I can get there in person.

Some more detail though (and corrections): the error does not come up in a loop, just once each time you start up iPhoto; the iPhoto window shows one photo (and what I guess is a thumbnail) and the title bar shows a URL for Facebook. (Supposedly unplugging the router disabled internet access without changing the iPhoto behaviour, but clicking on the URL still opened FB in a browser window, so I have suspicions about the information ...)

Once I can get in front of it and see what happens for some random clickery, I suspect it'll be straightforward to fix.