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New home, new scenary
by Simon at 13:31 08/08/05 (Blogs::Simon)
So we managed to move house - more than that we managed to commit to buying a house over a period of 25 years, Inshallah.
The scenary, here on the eastern side of Salisbury Plain, is far more interesting than that of Reading (secret bases which aren't on maps notwithstanding).

In amongst the firing ranges there's a ghost village called Imber which the Army took over in about 1943 for training purposes - displacing the locals on a promise they'd be allowed back after the war (they weren't).

A couple of times a year (and in 2005 it's from now until the 21st August at 18:00) the ordinarily closed off roads through the plain via Imber are open to the public - so we thought we'd go and have a look.

Here are some photos.

JPG image (172 K) Enter at your own risk...
JPG image (204 K) There may be gunfire
JPG image (186 K) You're perfectly safe, so long as you...
JPG image (217 K) Now, have you got all that?
JPG image (221 K) Why? You need to know why? Can't you guess?
JPG image (137 K) This is the carriageway you must not leave
JPG image (115 K) Don't go down this road
JPG image (89 K) Is this what I think it is? Yes, I think it may just be...
JPG image (76 K) ... the first time I've ever seen a semicolon on a road sign
JPG image (173 K) I spy with my little eye, something beginning with "T"
JPG image (159 K) ... and something beginning with "A"....
JPG image (111 K) Look, look, over there! What is it?
JPG image (89 K) Oh, it's another tank.
JPG image (138 K) This one's my favorite
JPG image (134 K) The rusty memory of battle...
JPG image (107 K) ...creeps stealthily amongst the skulking hulks...
JPG image (85 K) ...eternally vigilant, they espy danger in the West.
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