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Re: Damn
by Gordon Hundley at 21:21 06/08/04 (Blogs::Dave)
I have to admit, the Tosh I had with the 1400x1050 display was rather good to look at. Of course, it was the display that packed in first. I think it draws too much current. It now flickers then the laptop shuts it off. Having to plug an external display in is not very useful. I got the 64bit eMachines which has a more conventional display density as a replacement. I'm sure it's doomed, but it was cheaper and lets me play with 64bit Linux and XP for a year or so before it kills itself.

I use my laptops pretty much continuously, and on my lap to boot. Every one of my Wintel laptops has died in some manner within two years. Although my TiBook is showing signs of having a DVD failure - probably the same issue as the lasers in the Playstation 2 whose output power diminishes over time, I can probably usefully extend the life by carefully cleaning it out. That's another score for Apple laptops - I also have a working 2300c, and a working Lombard G3- they tend to survive past their upgrade date.

So my argument would be that while I'd love a 200 pixel per inch display in a laptop, I'm prepared to take what Apple offers in the meantime. The premium price that you pay for Apple kit is applied to some degree to quality. There are certainly Wintel manufacturers that produce robust, well engineered kit (IBM, et al), but I'm disinclined to pay Apple money for a Windows box that is technically inferior.

Meantime, I'm considering an anglepoise support for a flat panel display, bluetooth input devices and a G5 tower as my next laptop. After all it's not like I want to actually travel with these laptops. I just want to use them in the comfort of an easy chair in the living room.

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