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Re: Damn
by Bruce Ure at 15:18 06/08/04 (Blogs::Dave)

I saw Exposť when me and Steve went for a techno-wank at the Apple store off Oxford Circus. Very, very nice. I'd love another look, just to keep the juices flowing, like.

However, it doesn't address the problem of absolute resolution. I've been working almost 100% of my (personal) computer time for the last year or more on a 15" laptop at 1400x1050. If I get the 17" Powerbook, despite going up 2 inches in screen diameter, I'm actually going /down/ in resolution, to 1440x900, and that's hard to swallow, especially as I'm fighting the logic demons over buying a Mac anyway*.

JonnyT recently bought a stupidly-specced Tosh that runs at 1600x1200, for something like 800 quid (refurbished AIUI, but still). If they can do that, Apple can do better as well. I just hope they're listening to me.

* Mac is still winning the inner duel, but every time I've almost bought one in the past, I've been seduced at the last minute by "loads more power at half the price" syndrome. Yes I know all the positive stuff, that's why this time I'm determined to stick to my guns, and not least because if so many people I know and respect (I mean technically - I can't stand you as friends) are using them and getting so much out of them, then I genuinely believe that I would also. I've been giving this a lot of thought (can you tell?) and I realise that one buys into a "way of computing" when one buys a Mac and I'm happy to think about that being where the extra money goes - like buying a BMW when a Renault Laguna will get you there just as well. It's a style thing. An experience. A way of working.

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