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CPAN Signatures and GnuPG
Simon [Forum::Technical Advice::General] 16:50 22/03/06
While attempting to upgrade Bundle::CPAN on an old RedHat 7.1 box I found I was having trouble validating the SIGNATURE files against pgp.mit.edu.
OK I give up
Bruce Ure [Forum::Technical Advice::General] 10:01 17/03/06 | Comments: 2
How do I give someone permission to read my "BDGE" forum?
CERT Advisory re Windows Metafile exploit
Simon [Forum::Technical Advice::General] 09:37 29/12/05 | Comments: 4
"Microsoft Windows is vulnerable to remote code execution via an error in handling files using the Windows Metafile image format. Exploit code has been publicly posted and used to successfully attack fully-patched Windows XP SP2 systems. However, other versions of the the Windows operating system may be at risk as well."

... says CERT in a bulletin this morning.

Wanted: Someone cleverer than me
Bruce Ure [Forum::Technical Advice::General] 17:19 21/12/05 | Comments: 6
My run data for last year's London Marathon, kindly recorded for me by my Garmin running GPS thing, had a number of errors, induced (I think) by the GPS signal being skewed by one or more tunnels I ran through.
mod_rewrite notes
Simon [Forum::Technical Advice::General] 17:15 07/12/05 | Comments: 4
I frequently find myself in need of memory jogging regarding mod_rewrite.
linux 'find' command
Bruce Ure [Forum::Technical Advice::General] 12:35 06/08/05 | Comments: 13
Not without trying, I have failed to find a way of asking:

find -name 'filename'

to only tell me about results in directories it can access by dint of the permissions of my account.

CafePress for the UK (again)
Bruce Ure [Forum::Technical Advice::General] 20:05 01/06/05 | Comments: 1
ISTR someone (Simon?) mentioned that there was a UK based CP equivalent started up.
VOIP Stuff
Simon [Forum::Technical Advice::General] 13:52 27/05/05
Rag tag thread for keeping track of VOIP research.
Iiyama monitors, quickasyoulike
Bruce Ure [Forum::Technical Advice::General] 23:54 21/04/05 | Comments: 2
My last remaining monitor has just died.
Javascript: don't move!
Bruce Ure [Forum::Technical Advice::General] 15:49 22/03/05 | Comments: 4
Please someone tell me Javascript isn't missing the concept of static variables.
View comments
Steve [Forum::Technical Advice::General] 01:39 14/03/05 | Comments: 3
Can I enable "View Comments (Flat Mode)" by default when viewing articles?
eBay spoof
Simon [Forum::Technical Advice::General] 16:50 04/03/05 | Comments: 1
Here's another one of those scams.
JavaScript 101
Bruce Ure [Forum::Technical Advice::General] 15:55 04/03/05 | Comments: 2
I have found loads of info about how to get the value of a checkbox (or any object) when you pass it in to a function as an object, but nothing about how to get it from the name.
Netatalk and the spinning beachball of doom
Simon [Forum::Technical Advice::General] 20:56 11/02/05 | Comments: 1
The other day we had a power outage at home and - since the demise of my ancient UPS - all the machines went down hard.

Since then, I've been unable to connect to a particular netatalk share. The "Connect to server" tool on Mac OS X Panther 10.3.7 would accept my login, but then the Finder would hang with the spinning beachball of doom.

The only escape seemed to be a hard reboot.

The perils of character sets, encodings and all that i18n jazz
Simon [Forum::Technical Advice::General] 16:55 26/01/05
I am seriously beginning to wish I hadn't even *started* to try and think about all this.
Bandwidth (and other) calculators
Simon [Forum::Technical Advice::General] 13:32 15/12/04
Here's a handy thing I didn't know Google did.
Email blacklisting
Simon Giles [Forum::Technical Advice::General] 17:33 20/11/04 | Comments: 7
Have I become spam? Bruce has suggested I put this problem out to tender... Most of you know (of) me already, so it goes.
Netatalk 2 and Berkeley DB
Simon [Forum::Technical Advice::General] 17:42 07/11/04 | Comments: 2
If you follow the instructions for installing Netatalk 2.01 and BerkeleyDB 4.2.52 as written, netatalk's configure will (in some cases) fail, complaining about either wrong or missing versions of bdb.

This message is purely a shorthand record of the process I went through to resolve this problem under RH8.

"You've Got Viruses!"
Novacaster Administrator [Forum::Technical Advice::General] 10:25 10/03/04 | Comments: 1
A short article outlining how to understand your email a little better.

(Note for the more technical - don't think I'm overlooking the distinction between From address and the Envelope Return Address in what follows, I'm not. To keep things simpler, I'm using the term 'From' address throughout).

All about Atom
Simon [Forum::Technical Advice::General] 14:23 25/02/04
Here's a pointer to a useful article about the RSS-like 'Atom' feed format.
e-Gold scam
Bruce Ure [Forum::Technical Advice::General] 13:13 20/02/04 | Comments: 1
Another variation on the theme.
Barclays iBank scam email
Simon [Forum::Technical Advice::General] 12:07 31/12/03 | Comments: 1
Have a go at working this one out for yourselves...
eBay Email Scam
Simon [Forum::Technical Advice::General] 10:40 12/12/03
Here's a new take on the 'fool you into giving out your account details' scam. This one's related to eBay.

Dear eBay member #4785072!

As part of our continuing commitment to
protect your account and to reduce the instance
of fraud on our website, we are undertaking a
period review of our member accounts. You are
requested to visit our site by following the link
given below. This is required for us to continue
to offer you a safe and risk free environment to
send and receive money online, and maintain the
eBay Experience. Thank you.


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Nationwide / CitiBank / Halifax Email scam
Novacaster Administrator [Forum::Technical Advice::General] 14:07 26/10/03 | Comments: 5
Unless you're familiar with the way that web addresses ('URLs') work, at first sight the following email looks like a legitimate request from the Nationwide Building Society for you to supply them personal information about your account. But it isn't that at all...
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